What is club house app, How to get invite and Join

With the development of information technology around the world, the number of social networks is also increasing. Among the social media, the Club House app has been gaining popularity in Nepal lately.

Many Nepali users are using this social network. The network allows users to connect to various online meetings on various topics through voice. It allows users to listen to current topics of interest and participate in interactions to gain entertainment and knowledge.

What is a club house?

Club House is a social networking app which allows users to connect to various online meetings on various topics through voice. In order to run this social network, the user who has already become a member must ‘invite’, that is, call it on the social network. Otherwise it cannot be entered directly.

This allows users to use their voice to communicate, debate, and communicate business information. Clubhouse app only supports voice in communication and interaction. This app contains only profile pictures in the name of photos or videos.

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Who founded Clubhouse?

The app was launched after the outbreak of the corona virus (Covid-19). With epidemics forcing people to stay indoors, they were looking for new technologies for communication and interaction. At that time, Zoom and Google Met was popular as means of communication. In the midst of the Corona epidemic, the club house also got a discussion.

The social network was first launched in March 2020 by Alpha Exploration Company’s Paul Davison and Rohan Seth in the iOS version. The number of users did not increase at that time as it was limited to iOS version only.

The app also brought to the Android version as there was no significant increase in the number of users. Since then, the number of users has increased significantly. By December 2020, the number of clubhouse users had reached 600,000. According to its chief executive officer (CEO) Paul Davison, the clubhouse has more than 2 million weekly users by January 2021.

The clubhouse team has developed the app so that new users can come only by inviting them to manage and sustain the increase in the number of users.

How to join club house?

After downloading this app to become a club house user, in order to use the app, the person who has already used the app must invite it.

After inviting, you can run this app only by entering the code or link in the mobile number. But one user cannot invite more than 5 people for free. If you want to invite even after cutting the limit, you have to pay the prescribed fee.

Club house features

The main feature of the club house is the virtual room. There are three types of virtual rooms in this app – open room, social room and closed room.

Open room

Any user can enter their room and listen to their dialog until the organizer changes the setting. The interactions and conversations of people from all over the world can be easily heard from this room of the club house. But to enter, you need permission from the organizers.

Social room

Only users who follow the organizer or speaker are allowed to enter the social room. In it, the organizers are interacting and running dialogues on any current topic. The organizer can make a speaker to enter it.

Closed room

Only users invited by the speaker can join the closed room or private room. The speaker can also make the invited person a speaker.

These rooms have speakers, listeners and organizers. Room making organizer. The organizer can customize the room and give it a name. The organizer has the right to make the listener a speaker, mute / unmute and even remove the speaker.

If you would like to ask a question from the outside or speak your mind, the listener can inform the organizer by pressing the hand-raising button to become a speaker. Similarly, if you do not like it or want to leave the room, the listener or speaker can leave the room by clicking the ‘Live Quietly’ button.

Block option

Clubhouse also has the facility to block the audience if you do not like it. For that, the organizer can go to the listener’s profile and block it.

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Is the clubhouse safe?

Although the club house is popular, it has not adopted security measures from the point of view of security. Baburam Aryal, an expert on cyber security, says that security measures have not been adopted especially for misuse of hate speech.

He says, ‘We also recently had a program on cyber security at Club House. But how do you know how old a person is? Children can enter it as they get older. ‘

Aryal adds, “The club house has not clearly set its own safety standards on what to do if someone spreads hate speech or makes obscene remarks.” It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.