Donald Trump Twitter hacked With MAGA Password

In the Netherlands, a hacker managed to gain access to US President Donald Trump’s Twitter account by guessing his password, government officials said. Trump’s password “maga2020!”

But they will not be punishing Victor Gevers, who was acting “ethically”.

Gevers released screenshots of Trump’s Twitter account on October 22, the last day of the US presidential election.

Donald Trump Twitter Hacked

Gevers researches in the field of cybersecurity. “It’s not just my job, it’s all volunteering to look at the weaknesses on the internet,” he said.


According to him, he used to monitor the Twitter accounts of big candidates during the US presidential election from time to time. He says he received Trump’s password on October 16.

According to Dutch police: “The hacker released the login himself.

He later told police that he had investigated how strong his password was, as he was concerned about whether the Twitter account could be accessed in the run-up to the presidential election.

The Dutch police had passed the information to the US authorities.

In theory, he would have been able to see all the president’s data, including:

  • private photos and messages
  • privately bookmarked tweets
  • how many people he had blocked

Trump’s Twitter, which has about 89 million followers, is now secure. Twitter declined to comment directly on BBC News’ question on whether the account now has additional security or suspicious access.

Earlier this year, Gevers claimed that he and other cybersecurity researchers had infiltrated Trump’s Twitter account in 2016 using “yourefired” passwords. It was also made public in an incident where passwords of Trump’s other social networks were leaked.