Instagram Live will soon be able to go for four hours

The photo-sharing app Instagram will now be available live for up to four hours. The company has announced that it will be able to go live for four hours from the previous one.

Instagram continues to focus on improving its live video experience, and today, it announced multiple small changes that’ll make streaming on the platform and then saving those live videos easier.

The added service will be available to all Instagram users from anywhere in the world. The company mentions the longer live timeframe giving fitness instructors, the ability to teach for longer as well as giving activists trying to connect with their community more time for conversation. The new system is expected to benefit especially those who want to make live videos of yoga and song-music, artists, and those involve in cooking.

How to go live on Instagram

Finally, Instagram is adding a “Live Now” section to IGTV where people will find content to watch live at that moment. In addition, the company officials have expressed confidence that it will be useful for those who are working to make a long video or want to broadcast it.

“Your video can be archived, it lasts for only 30 days, you can only watch it while it is in the archive,” said a statement released by Instagram

The video in the archive can be download and store on your device. There are lots of platforms for people to Live, but Instagram is trying to make itself competitive and the place to be.

Instagram has said that this feature has not been implemented yet and will be implementing soon.