How to Run QBASIC on Android Phones

Qbasic on Android
how to run Qbasic on Android

Are you learning how to code in QBasic and want to be able to practice QBasic on Android phone or tablet? Rather, do you just want to write some code in the popular 80s language for nostalgia’s sake? You can now do that easily on any Android device with aDosBox. Yes, You can Run QBasic on Android Phone.

For What Purpose we use QBasic Nowadays ?

Well you can write all programs from small programs to big ones and even small games. Though, QB64(a modern IDE for QBasic) is more apt for programming since it works on Windows, MacOS, and as well as Linux, and also can be used to create android programs with a little add-on. If You’re student then you need to learn about QBasic in Class 9, 10. What if You can run Qbasic on your android phone.

Yes, In Your Android Phone. As we all know Android is a Linux-based Mobile Operating System. Nearly all the Mobile phones use Android OS. What if they could create small programs in their phones? Yes, they can by using QBASIC.

But, there is no QBASIC application on Play Store. How will they create programs? It’s simple with a DOSBoxTurbo. It is an Android DOS Emulator. Its a Paid Application but we will provide you For Free. So, You can download qbasic on your android Phone.

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STEP 1:-

The first thing you need to Download aDOSBox (DOSbox Turbo) to your Android Device to Run QBASIC. Here is the Download Link.

After it is installed, you can open it and explore the app. The screen text may be small, but it is readable. Some phones have small screen, so there might be a problem understanding the texts. You Can rotate the screen to fix this.

Download “QBASIC” qb.exe for Android

After all this, You need is the QBASIC extension file to Run QBasic on your Android Phone. You can find this executable file of QBasic on your PC if you have QBasic on your PC. Generally, the name of the executable file of QBasic will be qb.exe. If it is there on your PC then it’s fine, send it to your Android device via USB Cable or anything which you find easy and convenient. If you do not have it then download qb.exe via this Link.

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Step 2:-

Copy it to Internal Storage of your phone.

Step 3:-

Open DOSbox Turbo.

Step 4:-

Type the command ‘CLS’ and press enter. You’ll be seeing this:

run qbasic on android

Then, type the following:
If you had downloaded the file via my link, then its name is qb.exe. If it’s qb.exe, then type in qb.exe hit press enter.

Step 4:-

Type qb.exe


Then, You are ready to use QBasic on your Android Phone.

qbasic download for android

Now, your QBASIC window will open. It will be a little bit difficult for navigating and typing things first time.

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